World reknowned Dance Classes in The Falls

Natalie Horback at Dance Empire

Dance Empire invites all residents of the Falls to experience exceptional dance training in a professional and positive environment. We view each dance student as an individual and aim to ensure that each person reaches their maximum potential. Dance Empire teaches a wide range of dance styles that will surely fit your taste.

Dance Empire is also the home to AFLDC (Angel Fraser-Logan Dance Company ). The mission of the AFLDC in the South Florida area is to promote a contemporary-based dance company for professionals as well as providing dance instruction to inner city youth.

Recently voted as the top dance studio in the nation, Dance Empire is known for its positive environment, exceptional faculty and dynamic instructors. With a broad range of dance classes for both children and adults, Dance Empire allows dance to be easily accessible to all individuals in and around the Falls, from the beginning dancer to the seasoned professional.

Our faculty has years of experience and can assist you in choosing the classes that are right for your child. Browse through our classes, then contact us to let us help your child get the best dance education possible.

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