Stephanie Head Shot.jpg

Stephanie Franco

Dance Instructor

Stephanie Franco is a traveling choreographer, teacher, and movement artist based out of Miami, Florida. She is a versatile creator, with an evolving focus in contemporary and improv. Under the cohesive training of John Culbertson and Cookie Ramos, she deepened her journey at a local Dance Studio in Miami, as their contemporary instructor.

In and out of living in Los Angeles, she has worked with world-renowned choreographers such as Mia Michaels & trained under the direction of Erica Sobol, in deep process with artists such as Medhi Walerski, Tilman O’Donnell, Jermaine Spivey, and Adi Salant.

Living in Miami, developing as an artist, she pushes her awareness working with mentor Michelle Murray as a member of Jubilation Dance Ensemble. She is a catalyst for artistic expression in constant research, through spiritual resonance and abstract motion. Fostering an environment for all bodies she aims to help movers develop their own voice in embodied creativity and vulnerability.

She has also embarked on projects with Pioneer Winter, Dale Andree, Adele Myers, Hattie Mae Williams, Valeria Valleto and Urban Bush Women to name some. She was an artist in residency with Grass Stains ’22 under Pioneer Winter and Ana Sanchez & Miami DanceMakers ’22 under Adele Myers. She is currently a member of Syncopate Collective & NWD Projects under Dale Andree, along studying as a cohort of Rennie Harris University. She has also embarked on community engagement with Breakthrough Miami. Teaching dance on a deeper level is her virtue, constantly exploring through movement and beyond.